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Coastal Homes Advertising

Coastal Homes offers REALTORS the most cost-effective real estate advertising in Santa Cruz County. From full-color, high-quality monthly advertising to black and white newspaper advertising every two weeks, Coastal Homes is REALTORS best buy when it comes to selling real estate.

Coastal Homes is the only real estate magazine that offers REALTORS as many discounts and added-value services. REALTORS can take advantage of Multiple-Magazine Discounts, Multiple-Page Discounts and the Preferred-Partner Plan that offers REALTORS additional discounts, marketing credits and ONTOUR special pricing.

Submitting Your Ad

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to submit complete, clear, typed ad copy and page layout instructions.

All ad copy, prices and REALTOR contact information must be submitted on the provided Ad Copy & Layout Sheet or your office computer-generated ad copy sheet. Only price changes, banners and typographical errors can be made after ad deadline.

All photos including mug shots (new, enclosed or repeat) must be listed and referenced on the Photo Reference Form. A master copy of this form is printed on the back of the rate card for you to make copies from. The Photo Reference Form must be completed by the REALTOR before it can be accepted for publication.

Faxed ad proofs are provided only if ad copy and photos are submitted per above instructions at time of ad deadline and only if production time allows. NO CREDIT is given to any advertiser for any error when ad is submitted after deadline.

2006 Deadline Calendars
2005 Coastal Homes Deadline Calendar

Coastal Homes' deadline calendar is online for Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Never miss a deadline again! You can also download a printable PDF version.

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2006 Rates & Discounts
2006 Coastal Homes Deadline Calendar

Wondering about our rates? You can find all of Coastal Homes' pricing information right here online. Don't forget about our discounts for running with us over multiple issues!

View Santa Cruz County Rates & Discounts

Coastal Homes Real Estate Marketing
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COASTAL HOMES offers REALTORS complete in-house graphic design, photography and full-color digital printing for all of their personalized real estate marketing needs.

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